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The kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms in a home and, unfortunately, one of the dirtiest. In between making meals, eating them and cleaning up those dishes, harmful bacteria can spread onto various items in the kitchen. Regardless of how effectively you clean up after a meal, you may not be cleaning these items as frequently as necessary or harbouring kitchen items that really belong in the garbage. It can be difficult to detect which items are worth salvaging and which to replace.

That’s why our experts at Aslan Plumbing have put together a list of the four dirtiest kitchen items and how to clean them to ensure your kitchen is well-maintained.

Dishwashing Sponge

Taking the cake for the dirtiest kitchen item, the dishwashing sponge absorbs an unbelievable amount of bacteria after each use. In fact, you should be tossing the old one out and transferring a new sponge at least once or twice a week. Cleaning your dishwashing sponge can actually cause an increase in the spread of bacteria. Sanitizing it may exterminate the weaker bacteria, however, the stronger germs will remain and eventually reproduce. The household myth of microwaving the sponge also isn’t as effective, and in some cases, can make the bacteria even more of a breeding ground.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper are essential and used for almost every meal. But how often do we think about giving the shakers a thorough clean? One of the most commonly touched items in your kitchen, salt and pepper shakers contain bacteria on them from all the different hands that have picked them up. Next time you want to refill both shakers, place them in the dishwasher at a hot temperature first for deep cleaning. In between putting them in the dishwasher, ensure you clean them frequently with antibacterial wipes.

Kitchen Handles

Next to the salt and pepper shakers, the door handles on refrigerators and cabinet doors in your kitchen are among the dirtiest items. Wiping down the handles with disinfectant wipes is essential to keep them clean and eliminate constant bacteria growth.

Cutting Board

Many clean off their cutting board after using it for meal preparation, however, hand washing it is not a very effective method of sanitization. You also risk contaminating other food items that have touched the surface after cutting up raw meat or fish. Wood is especially difficult to clean since you are restricted from placing it in the dishwasher. For sensible cleaning, designate the wood cutting board for veggies and the plastic cutting board for meat!

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