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Do you reckon your home is in need of a main water line repair? Have you been experiencing issues with your water and are not sure what could be the cause? It might not come down to an individual pipe that is causing issues, it could be the central water line. Having an issue throughout your whole home can be a serious thing.

These are some signs that you will need to call in a professional plumber to do a main water line repair.

You Find Puddles In Your Yard

The water main might have a leak in it if you start to notice puddles forming around your yard, even if it hasn’t rained in a while. This can especially be the case if puddles are found around the main water line. Or, maybe you can’t find any puddles because the ground is absorbing the excess water; however, if you notice that your grass is much greener in certain areas above the pipe, this can be a sign of a main water line leak.

The Water Pressure In Your Home Drops Dramatically

If you once had a strong flow of water in your home and now it is steadily decreasing, or if you can’t even boost your water pressure using a regulator. This could mean that there is a blockage in the main water line that is slowing it down.

The Water Bills Suddenly Rise

Maybe there are no leaks to be found, but your water bill is rising nonetheless. If you are starting to pay a lot more for water than usual, it could be time to look at your water main to see if everything is okay.

You Start To Find Foundation Cracks In Your Home

If there is a constant high level of moisture found around the foundation of your home it can eventually lead to major structural damage over time. Concrete absorbs water, so if you have a water main leak underground or near your home then you might start to find cracks appearing in your foundation.

You Hear Strange Noises Like Gurgling

If you hear some strange gurgling noises coming from your toilets when you turn on the sink or vice versa, you most likely have a plumbing issue, and it probably isn’t just affecting one pipe. A plumbing professional should always look for any unusual sounds from your drains.

Get To Know Where Your Main Shut Off Valve Is Located

If you experience a major leak, you should understand your main shutoff valve. When you call your local plumbers for help, we can show you what you need to do in an emergency. We are also able to help investigate these issues or symptoms to see if you have a blockage or leak in the main plumbing line.