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If your basement experiences frequent flooding but your plumbing is in good condition, the installation of a sump pump can help. This unit can help solve your flooding problems, which generally occur whenever the amount of groundwater present in the soil around your home increases. This can be the result of heavy rain or snow, and when the water level rises, your soil will become over-saturated, and water can make its way into your basement through cracks in the foundation. A sump pump would prevent this from happening by pulling the water and redirecting it to a storm drain instead of your basement. It can also help redirect water to another outlet that is located away from your home’s foundation, so a sump pump is highly effective.
In order for a sump pump to function, it must be installed properly, and the right tools must be used. You will need a demolition hammer, filtration material, gravel, stone paver, sump pump, PVC piping, PVC glue, sealant caulk, a power drill and a ten-gallon sump basin.
The first step of the installation process requires you to locate where the water is gathering, which is generally at the lowest point in a basement. Once you locate the area, use your demolition hammer to break a hole into the floor, which will expose the pooling water. You must then take your sump basin and cut a hole into the bottom, which is where the water will enter. Use your filtration material to wrap the bottom, and make sure you cover it well. Once you place the basin into the hole in your basement floor, you must fill the bottom with gravel, which will help add another layer to the filtration, and this will prevent unwanted debris from entering the system and hurting your pump.
Next, place the stone paver on top and place the sump pump carefully under water. The pump must be properly positioned on top of the paver so that it is stable and sits right. Once this is done, you need to locate the check valve on top of your pump where the water shoots out and must connect the drainage PVC to this spot and run the piping up the wall. Using the power drill hole cutter attachment, you must then make a hole in the wall, and it must be big enough for the pipe to exit the building and to drain properly. Use your sealant caulk to seal up the hole that leads to the outside and mix up the cement with a mixer and fill in the hole surrounding the sump basin so that it stays in place. The final step is to plug in your sump pump and turn it on.
Plumbing companies can help with the installation process, and the professional plumbers at Aslan Plumbing can provide you with more information. We offer a number of plumbing services, including sewer and drain cleaning, so if you are in Winnipeg and are looking for reputable plumbers, contact us today!