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Being able to identify when you have a sewage back-up can save you thousands in repair, as the earlier you catch it, the easier it will be able to fix. If you don’t address the issue in the beginning stages, it can lead to the back-up of sewage (i.e. water with waste), which causes major damage to your home. When determining whether you have a sewage back-up, we’ve compiled a list of things to look out for. 

Multiple Clogged Drained

Your home drain lines look like a tree branch with the trunk being your main sewer line and the branches the additional drains (i.e. sink, toilets). Sewage back-up is the most obvious when the drains you don’t often use, like your guest bathroom toilets and sinks, are not working normally. 

Water Back-up 

When you have a sewage back-up, water will begin to overflow into different fixtures. An example of this is if you flush your toilet and hear it backing up in your bathtub or shower, that is a sign that the water is being blocked and coming out of other places. 

Sewer Gas Odour 

An intact sewer is airtight and does not leak or let out any odours. If you smell sewage gas, that is an indicator of a disruption in your sewage system.


In addition to odour in your home, if you begin to notice mould developing behind your walls, you may have a sewage line issue. Considering that mould requires a humidity level of at least 50% to start growing, a cracking pipe can cause the humidity levels to rise to that level. 


Bubbles are a sign of a clogged drain as it is an indicator of water not being able to get past a clog in your drain. To verify whether it is a clogging issue, you should fill your sink or bathtub with water and see whether there are bubbles, which can also let you know which drain has the issue. 

Toilet Doesn’t Work

If your toilet doesn’t work normally and plunging does not remedy it, that is an indicator you may have sewage issues. When it comes to toilets, bubbling is okay after plunging your toilet, but if your toilets continue not to work properly after, then the issue will be related to your sewage system.

Foundation Cracks 

One of the extreme indicators of sewage back-ups in the deterioration of the foundation of your home. If you have an untreated sewage problem, it may develop as cracks in the foundation of your home or sinkhole in your yard. 

If you’re concerned that you are having plumbing issues, contact Aslan Plumbing. Whether it is a minor sewage back-up or a major job requires a sewage repair, we come to you and give you an in-depth inspection. We offer 24-hour affordable, fast plumbing and emergency plumbing solutions to ensure your sewer lines are airtight and safe.