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Even if you’re especially handy, there are two main types of renovations that give most homeowners pause; electrical work, and plumbing work. The results from doing the job improperly just aren’t worth the consequences. This is why electrical and plumbing services exist

When it comes to plumbing, having a good relationship with your local tradesman is worth its weight in gold. Typically their expertise can save money, time, investment and hassle factor and can certainly help you sleep better at night. So what can you do to find the right plumber for the job?

Things to look for There are a number of things that you should look for and ask your plumber before hiring them to do the job at hand. The answer to these questions can mean the difference between your peace of mind and having to look for further help to fix the problem.

  1.       Are you licensed?

The regulations will differ depending on where you live, but if your plumber requires a license or certification, make sure that they have it.

  1.       Do you carry insurance?

The amount of insurance required may also differ depending on your location but any plumber should carry some amount of insurance in the event that something goes awry.

  1.       Do you provide a warranty?

Your parts will have their own warranty; if you’ve bought them yourself you can check the warranty right on the package or online…but did you know that your plumber should also warranty their work?  Many plumbers warranty work that they’ve done (particularly on big projects) for around a year.

  1.       Can I call your references?

Ask your plumber to provide you with a few references to local people that they’ve done work for.  You can even ask the references if you can drop by to see the work completed, or ask if they have pictures that they’re willing to send you.  A good plumber will be proud of the work they’ve done and will be happy to provide you a few phone numbers of customers that will sing their praises.

  1.       Can you provide a written quote?

A written quote not only gives you something to compare to other quotes that you may have received but also gives you something to refer back to should something go wrong.  It should outline not only the cost of the project but exactly what is included; whether parts are supplied by you or them and the number of labour hours that are included in the price.

  1.       Can you give a time estimate and a start date?

One of the problems that arise even after the quote has been agreed to is actually having the contractor show up and get the job done.  It may be that another job has run into your time, or perhaps a family emergency means that your start date has been pushed back.  It’s important for you and your plumber to keep an open line of communication and for both of you to be clear of your expectations.  

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