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Fixing a clogged toilet can be a hard task, especially when you don’t have a plunger to help you out. Don’t fear though! If you don’t have a plunger you can still fix your clogged toilet.

There are a lot of tried and proven techniques that you can do that will clear the blockage that is causing your toilet to overflow. We will go through the most popular ones that we know will work so you don’t have to panic the next time your toilet is clogged and you can’t find your plunger.

Before we go through the techniques, the first thing you need to do is make sure your toilet doesn’t overflow, making a big mess that nobody wants to clean up. To do this, all you have to do is lift up the toilet lid and pull up the float, then turn off the water source so no more water can enter your toilet. To turn off the water there should be a valve near the back base of the toilet, turn it until you notice the water has stopped flowing.

Hot water removal

Run the water in your bathtub or the bathroom sink until it gets hot. Pour about four cups of hot water into the toilet and wait for five minutes.

At that point, the hot water should have broken down the cause of the clog so you can safely flush the toilet again. When you are testing the flush, be ready to turn off the water again just in case the clog is still there.

Use liquid dish soap

Squeeze some liquid dish soap into your toilet. The soap will break down the clog, much like how it cuts away grease when you are washing dishes. From there, pour about four cups of hot water into the toilet to activate the soap. After about 20 minutes turn on the water and flush your toilet. Again, be ready to turn off the water in case the toilet starts to overflow again.

Use bleach and powdered soap

If you can’t find dish soap or if your toilet is full of water up to the brim, try using bleach instead. For this method, pour three cups of household bleach into the toilet. Then, get some powdered soap and add a cup of that into the toilet. This process takes about 10 minutes for the chemicals to react with each other to remove the clog. After 10 minutes, turn the water back on and flush, nothing should be able to fight off this technique!

Use a coat hanger

If all else fails and your toilet is still clogged, you are going to have to get down and dirty. Put on some rubber gloves and straighten out an old metal coat hanger, then dig away at the clog. You should be able to break it down enough for your toilet to flush again, so this option is, unfortunately, the best if the clog has survived the other four techniques. Flush the toilet and throw away the coat hanger, you probably won’t ever want to use it again to hang clothes on!

All the credit goes to Aslan Plumbing