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After a long, tiring day at the office, many enjoy a hot bath with some candles or a bottle of wine to relieve the stress. However, not every bathroom comes as a sanctuary that you can unwind, but luckily it can be transformed into one. With a few updates, your standard bathroom can become your spa oasis in no time. Whether your bathroom is a small or large space, there are key tips to follow to help revamp it into the home spa of your dreams. Here are four ways to upgrade:

1. Add A Dimmer Switch

One of the ways spas calm your nerves and help you to de-stress is by having relaxing, warm light in the treatment room. Invest in a dimmer light switch for your bathroom to alternate between bright lighting for showers and a relaxed, warm dim lighting when in spa mode. Dimmer switches allow you to control the mood while also reducing your light energy consumption. This lighting choice is much safer than candles, so you can rest away in the tub without worrying. Dimmer switches create a more gentle, subtle and soft atmosphere for your bathroom spa.

2. Upgrade Your Tub/Shower

One of the reasons for a spa’s popularity is because of the relaxing tub and bath they have available. An above-ground jetted tub is perfect for the master bath as the highlight component of your bathroom spa. With several jets around the tub and heaters, you are immersed in comfort and full relaxation. Steam showers are another spa asset to invest in for your bathroom upgrade. The steam emitted from the hot shower emulates that of a sauna. All from the comfort of your own bathroom, you have access to a sauna or tub rejuvenation at any time. 

3. Install Faux Wood Tiles

It’s equally as important for your bathroom to be visually appealing as it is to be comfortable. Wood flooring always evokes the feeling of warmth and tranquillity, however, they are not practical material for damp bathroom floors. An effective alternative is faux wood tile, used in spas, to imitate real wood and still evoke a peaceful feeling. This tile is made of either ceramic or porcelain and has a much higher resistance to water than natural wood.

4. Purchase A Bathtub Caddy

While you’re relaxing in your jetted spa tub, you don’t want to have to get out and reach for the wine. Include a bathtub caddy in your bathroom upgrade to place your wine and book while you soak away. Many bathtub caddies or trays have extra storage room for additional beverages, snacks, cell phones and more. To match with the spa aesthetic, choose a luxury bamboo bathtub caddy that is sturdy without being too heavy.

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