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When a problem arises, our first instinct is to panic or freak out, and while we can’t help ourselves, it’s something which you have to control sometimes. It’s important to know that we can react when we are under situations that invoke a lot of stress and pressure. When something goes wrong in our homes, we are worried that this might cause harm to our children or us. There’s also the worry that our homes are not safe to be in. When it comes to plumbing issues, this is a  common thing that you can take care of yourself until you call a professional. There are times where you will call a plumber, and they won’t be there right away, so you need to know how to handle pipe bursts on your own.

There are several factors as to why your pipes may have bursts; it could have been while you were sleeping, or it could even have happened days ago without you noticing. There are many things to look out for when it comes to pipe bursts, such as water damage and corrosion. When your pipe bursts, the water you are consuming may not be safe to drink, and this is because rust can affect the pH of your tap water. You should never drink water with a pH that is way over or under 7.

Your pipes may burst because they become frozen. This can happen when winter comes right around the corner. When the temperature reaches the freezing mark, this is when the pipes start to freeze and become weaker. Movement is also a large factor as to why many pipe bursts happen; weather changes cause your pipes to contract, making it hard for them to handle all that pressure. If you notice that your pipes may have burst, then turn off the water supply in your home. The next thing you will want to do is call a plumber asap; you will then proceed to clean the floor if water has leaked onto it. You will want to dry your best to let warm air into your home; this will help prevent further damage to your pipes. Use repair slides to fix the pipe burst temporarily. You can slip it over the place where there might be damage or a hole.

You must pay attention to the things in your home and make sure that they are staying in good condition. Checking on your pipes will help reduce the chances of them bursting and causing water damage. If you are looking for plumbers, sewer and drain maintenance or drain cleaning, make sure to contact Aslan Plumbing.