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Washer Water Supply Hoses

Sometimes we at ASLAN Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Service Ltd encounter rubber water supply hoses that are in very bad conditions. For that reason, I always recommend replacing and installing stainless steel braided supply hoses between emergency shut-off valves and your washer. Otherwise, they might burst and flood your basement, causing a lot of damage.

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Floor Drain in Your Basement

Many owners never check the condition of their floor drain in the basement. We recommend that you check your floor drain if it isn’t plugged and does have flood cop (back-up valve).

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Emergency Shut-Off Values

No shut-off valves below the sink or toilet? Think about installing them now! Fixture shut-off valves will give you control of the water supply near your fixtures, so you don’t have to go to the basement every time you need to make a repair. 

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