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Few people probably know what a main sewer line is. Your main sewer line consists of pipes that help transport wastewater from your home to the sewer mains underground. People typically do not give this any thought until a major problem occurs, like a blockage. This can then lead to raw sewage to back up where it comes out of the drains and can result in other types of damage.

A sewer line blockage is an unforeseen danger that can result in disastrous damage to your home. However, if a homeowner can respond appropriately to early signs of a blockage, serious issues can be easily avoided.

Here are some warning signs that you should keep an eye out for:

Clogged Toilet or Drain

A clogged drain or toilet is one of the most common red flags of a blockage and could present itself as water backing up out of a drain or a gurgling sound. One way to be able to tell if your drain is becoming blocked is to listen to your toilet after using your washing machine. If your toilet begins to percolate, like the sound of a coffee pot dripping, or if you start to get water around the floor drain in the basement, this is an indication you should call in a professional. You might also want to think about where you see this warning sign. Your home is connected to a large number of pipes. You will have one mainline which runs out of your home and smaller ones that branch off. If the mainline is clogged, then any water that is running in your home will result in issues. If it is a secondary line, this will be isolated to the secondary problem.

Slow Draining Sinks and Bathtubs

Another telltale sign that your main sewer line is blocked is that your sink, toilets and bathtubs drain slowly or not at all. First try using a drain clearing product to test if it is a minor issue, then if your sinks are still not draining, you will need to call a professional for help. Other fixtures in the home could be affected as well, like your washing machine. Water that does not get drained will need to go somewhere so check on your basement for moisture.

Tree Roots

As we said above, one sign you could be dealing with a blockage is if you hear gurgling sounds after flushing your toilet. But this blockage could be caused by something other than built up debris. It could instead be caused by tree roots. Root systems are one of the biggest culprits of main sewer line issues, especially in older homes where the sewer is made from clay or concrete. Roots can also make their way into pipe joints, so if you have large trees near your sewer line, its roots could be the issue, and once they are inside, they will grow larger and act as a net to catch toilet paper and waste until eventually forming a clog.

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