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If you have a refrigerator that makes ice but are experiencing problems and your fridge is spitting out air instead of ice, it may be because your fridge’s water line is punctured.

It’s not always easy to tell if your refrigerator’s water line has been cut or punctured but there are signs that will indicate that this is the case, and water damage is one of them. This is an obvious sign and if you ever notice this problem, you will have confirmation that your water lines are leaking. Plastic supply valves or water lines for the ice maker and door dispenser can stop working simply due to old age or heat damage because of their proximity to the refrigerator compressor motor. This is a common occurrence and all you have to do is pull your fridge away from the wall and feel along the line for a wet spot. This will help you find the exact source of the leak and you can also do an inspection for additional water damage in the process. Once you turn off the supply valve at the wall, you can remove the valve itself and if you see that this piece is damaged, you will know that something is wrong.

Visible water damage is the most obvious indicator of a fridge line puncture but there are other signs as well, so if you notice that your ice maker is not working or that your fridge suddenly sounds loud and is making too much noise, these, too, are indicators of a problem. If you see that water is leaking onto your floor, this, too, could be a sign that your fridge water supply line has been punctured or cut.

Once you confirm that you do indeed have a problem, the next step is to repair your water line, and if yours is made out of copper, you need to examine the supply line to see where the leak is coming from. Once you turn off the water supply, cut out the damaged section of copper but make sure you hold your refrigerators supply line connection with either an adjustable wrench or pliers while you’re removing it; otherwise, you may damage the unit.

Ideally, you should call a plumber in these situations because they can assess and repair water leaks and other plumbing issues. The professionals at Aslan Plumbing can help you with all of your plumbing needs because our certified plumbers are experts in this field and we are one of the leading plumbing companies in the Winnipeg area. We can help with water lines, installations, sewer and drain cleaning services and more, so if you want the job to be completed safely and correctly, give us a call today!