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Your pet is a member of your family, and you want to make sure that they are safe, happy and healthy. That is why it is necessary that you pet-proof your home and plumbing system. It does not matter how obedient your pet is; when left alone, they can ruin your furniture, living room and damage your plumbing pipes.

Below we will share with you four ways to pet-proof your plumbing.

Cover Up Your Exposed Pipes

Like children, your pets love to get into new places and have a tendency to chew on things. In order to avoid a trip to the vet, cover up any exposed pipes and wires. If your pet were to bite through a pipe, it could result in an expensive problem for your home, but worst of all, your pet.

Keep Lots of Water Out

Your pet will drink out of the toilet because they are thirsty. The residue from toilet cleaners and bleaches can cause severe health disorders for your pets. You should always make sure that you have something out for them to drink from so that they stay out of the toilet bowl. It is recommended that you top up your pet’s water bowl at least two times a day. If you make sure that they have access to water, they won’t resort to the toilet.

A sure way to keep them out of the toilet is by simply keeping the lid on the toilet closed.

Rinse Your Pets Off Outside

Rolling around in the mud and getting dirty is your dog’s ultimate dream, but it can be a plumbing nightmare for you. Washing your dog in the bath after a long day of playing out in the mud, as the mud and the matted fur clumps can clog your drain.

In order to avoid this happening, there are some precautionary steps that you can take. First, you should pre-rinse your dog outside to remove the top layer of dirt. Once you see that you’ve removed enough mud, then you can take them inside to finish the job.

Make Sure that Cleaning Chemicals Are Out of Reach

If your pets get into your cleaning supplies and ingest them, that could lead to very serious problems. Always make sure that your cleaning supplies are out of reach or locked up in cabinets.

You should avoid using chemical drain cleaners, because not only are they poisonous for your pet, but they can also damage your pipes.

If your pet has caused any plumbing problem, give Aslan Plumbing a call. No matter how tough the clog or burst is, we can fix it!