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Unlike chemical drain cleaners, biological drain cleaners are safe for your plumbing and will not harm your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners are harsh and will eat through your pipes, resulting in leaks, cracks, and total corrosion, which can damage your entire home. Bio drain cleaners, however, are a completely different product, so you can have peace of mind when using them in your home.

Specially Engineered Bacteria

Biological drain cleaners do not use highly acidic materials, so they will not eat away at clogs to cause them to dislodge. Instead, they will use a specially-engineered type of beneficial bacteria to clean your drain. This type of bacteria is safe and harmless to humans and pets, so you will never have to worry. It’s the ideal solution when cleaning drains and a product you can rely on when dealing with clogs. The special bacteria it contains are specifically designed to consume organic material, including what is found inside your pipes. As the bacteria grow, multiply and spread, they will take care of the clog you’re dealing with in your drain and spread throughout your entire plumbing network. Once they consume all the organic matter in your plumbing, the bacteria will die and wash away with the rest of your wastewater.

These bacteria will not damage your plumbing because pipes are usually made of metal or plastic, which the bacteria cannot consume. This means the inside of your pipe walls will not erode or corrode, and when you wash away the bacteria after the last treatment, your pipes will be clean and clear, and there will be no clog-causing debris or waste lining the walls.

How to Use a Bio Drain Cleaner

To clear your drain, wait until it has completely receded and dried out, then place the biological drain cleaner directly down your drain. Do this for three days to remove the drain clog completely, and empty a half-cap of the material into your drains once a month to keep them clear.

Many home improvement stores carry biological drain cleaners because more and more people are becoming aware of this great product and are understanding that it’s much better for their homes. They are a little more expensive, but the cost is worth it because of their effectiveness and the fact that it is completely safe. You should know, however, that the drain cleaners you purchase from your local hardware store are not the same as the ones a professional plumber will use. Store-bought solutions contain a lower concentration of bacteria, so it will take longer to see results, although eventually, they will do the same job.

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