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Taking care of a leaky toilet, faucet or a catastrophic piping breakdown is not work for weak hearts. Any problems related to pipes and water systems in your home can potentially give you nightmares. Especially as Winnipeg winters become harsher, these plumbing problems are likely to increase due to freezing temperatures. Owing to the huge costs involved in replacements and repairs pertaining to plumbing jobs, you may be tempted to browse through a series of YouTube videos and start a DIY plumbing project.

Whether it is fixing a leaky faucet, replacing a drain or unclogging a toilet, some repairs and replacements may not be as easy as you think. In an attempt to save some money, your limited expertise and skill in dealing with a plumbing issue may make you bear the brunt of excessive replacement and repair costs in the future.

Hiring a Licensed Plumber

To avoid bigger potential costs, you may need to seek professional plumbing services from a qualified and licensed plumber. However, if you thought expert plumbing skills are the only advantage of a licensed professional, you are way off.

Here is why hiring a professional plumber is an excellent proposition:


A licensed plumber in Winnipeg is most likely to be professionally trained. The province of Manitoba requires plumbing professionals to go through a series of rigorous exams and training to ensure that they are capable of handling any kind of complexities and intricacies of a plumbing job. This means to practice as a plumber, they are required to prove that they are trained with experience. Hiring a licensed plumbing professional will give you peace of mind as they already possess the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with any kind of plumbing emergencies.


Licensed plumbers are usually required to be insured to work in a reputable plumbing company. This insurance covers not only the plumber but also the consumer. If a new problem occurs during fixing an existing problem, a licensed and insured plumber is by law required to fix the new issue to under the same costs. You can be assured that even your new plumbing problem will not be left unattended. In addition, if the plumber causes any significant damage while on the job or faces an accident, they are also sometimes covered by insurance.

Tools and materials

A licensed plumber will have access to the right kind of plumbing tools and working materials which are important to repair or install your plumbing issues. Most likely, as a homeowner, you may have only a basic toolset. A DIY project with a basic toolset may not solve complex problems. Having the right tools and materials for plumbing repair is one of the most critical aspects as it is the main reason that licensed plumbers are able to complete their job done easily and correctly. Moreover, they know which tools are needed for which tasks and how to use them optimally for the best results.

Speed of work

There is no debate that a licensed plumber is likely to fix your problem at a much faster pace and efficiency than you. The best plumbers in Winnipeg are likely to fix the most complex plumbing issues, quicker than any DIY enthusiast can. In case of scenarios where your toilet or a kitchen faucet tends to be unusable, time is an extremely important aspect.

Licensed plumbers know what is the best solution to any problem. Sometimes you may not be able to assess whether the repair is a better option or replacement. Only a qualified professional can tell whether it makes sense to repair a plumbing problem from a long term perspective or get replacements. A prudent judgement in this perspective can save you significant costs and efforts. If you are looking for reliable plumbing services in Winnipeg, speak to our licensed plumbers at Aslan Plumbing. They will be able to provide you with an expert opinion on the cost, time and solution to the most complex plumbing issues. Get a guaranteed repair and ensure peace of mind with licensed plumbing services from Aslan Plumbing.