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When we house hunt, we often focus on the superficial. It’s understandable. You’re going to live in your house, so you want it to look nice. But underneath the paint, carpets, and furnishings, there can be some serious structural issues, such as plumbing. It’s very common for new homeowners to be completely unaware of the condition of their home’s plumbing system. If you’re in the market for a new house, be sure to check these common plumbing trouble spots:

Check The Main Sewer Line

We recommend all home buyers hire a professional plumber to perform a camera inspection of their main sewer lines. The main sewer line is an important network of pipes that is frequently at the root of drainage issues. Main sewer line clogs can be caused by tree roots, wear and tear, mental deterioration, and more. A simple camera inspection can make you aware of a costly, hidden problem prior to your home purchase.

Check The Water Heaters

Most water heaters will last for ten years. Its lifespan depends on maintenance and installation, water quality, and how the water heater is being used. Water heaters that heat your home AND bring you hot tap water tend to have shorter lives.

Be sure to check the location of the tank. Will it ruin your hardwood floor or carpet if it leaks? Will it cause damage to your drywall? If it’s in a location where property damage is possible, you need to speak with a plumber.

Water heater pans are a common site for flooding as they can only hold so much water before they overflow. Check these sites and speak with a plumber to install preventive measures before they leak. You may want to consider a total replacement as well.

All manufacturers provide a model and serial number identification on their tanks. A licensed plumber can determine if your tank is up to code and safely working. Be sure to ask your plumber to evaluate the size and functionality of your water heater and whether it meets the needs of your home.

Check The Toilets

Leaks at the base of a toilet are frequently neglected by homeowners and are often passed on to homebuyers. The leak may look tiny and insignificant, but over time water will rot the subfloor. Some homeowners unaware of the damage this problem can cause may try to seal the leak themselves. This oftentimes makes it worse.

If your toilet rocks or you see discoloration or warping around the base of the toilet, this is a sign of leakage which requires a plumber’s immediate attention.

Aslan Plumbing Has Helped Thousands Of New Homeowners

Buying a home is a big investment both financially and time-wise (you might spend the rest of your life in it). That said, you need to take the time to learn as much you can about your home, including its plumbing. It can be difficult to know where to look and what to look for, so be sure to speak with a professional plumber. Aslan Plumbing offers friendly, professional service, and we love to answer questions. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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