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Not all plumbing issues require professional assistance and minor problems can be fixed by the homeowner so long as they have the right tools on hand. Plumbing issues are inevitable but a lot of the problems can be fixed easily if you have these basic tools at home:


This is an essential plumbing tool that every homeowner should have because you will, unfortunately, have to face a clogged toilet at one point or another. Plungers are not only for toilets and can help with a clogged shower drain as well, so make sure you have a couple of these at home because they will help you fix minor plumbing issues and are very inexpensive.

Drain snake

This is a flexible auger that is used to dislodge clogs in plumbing. It is a very simple tool that is easy to use and will help you clear debris from your sinks or shower so that they can drain properly. Hair and product build-up can damage your pipes and prevent them from draining water properly but this tool will help resolve these issues.


This is another essential tool found in every basic tool kit and should be present in every home. There are two types for plumbing purposes, including a pipe wrench and a basin wrench. The first is a heavy-duty tool used for gripping and turning pipes, while the latter is used to tighten or remove the faucet and fill valve lock nuts.

Rubber gloves

Plumbing can get messy, so it’s best not to use your bare hands. A pair of heavy-duty rubber gloves will help keep your hands, wrists and forearms clean while protecting them from sharp objects. This is an item that is often overlooked or forgotten about but gloves are an essential tool when it comes to household plumbing issues.

Slip-joint pliers

When it comes to bending and gripping in tight situations, this is the tool that will help. It has two sets of teeth and is very versatile because of its ability to grip small objects and grab heavier ones. If you ever lose a ring down your kitchen sink drain, this tool will help you retrieve it.

Plumber’s tape

If you need a temporary fix, this is the tool that will save the day. This tape can be used to seal a leaky pipe until a more permanent solution arrives and because leaks are a common issue that every home will experience, this tool is a very important one to have.

While minor plumbing issues can be fixed on your own, serious matters will have to be taken care of by professionals and Aslan Plumbing in Winnipeg can help. We provide drain cleaning services and so much more, so if you’re tired of unreliable plumbing companies and want experienced plumbers on the job, give us a call now and we will take care of all of your plumbing needs!