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Low water pressure is frustrating because it will take a lot longer to do simple things like shower, fill your tub or rinse your dishes. There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing this problem, including the following:

The Position Of Your Shutoff Valve

This component is what allows water to enter your home, so if it is not in the right position, it will affect the amount of water passing through. This valve needs to be fully opened so that the amount of water passing through is not limited, so start by checking your main shutoff valve, which can be located in your basement or on the outside wall of a utility area in your home.

Your Water Meter Valve

Similar to the main shutoff valve, this is a main water source, so it will impact the pressure of your water. The difference is that the water meter valve belongs to the city, so it is not recommended that you adjust this unless there is an emergency. You can, however, inspect this valve to ensure it is parallel with the supply line as this will indicate whether or not the valve is open. If you see that the water meter handle is at an angle, contact your local water department so that they can adjust it and restore proper water flow.

Problems With Your Hot Water Heater

Most homeowners do not realize that this can affect the pressure of both hot and cold water, so you need to pay attention to this aspect. Hard water buildup and the status of your water heater valve are two common reasons why a hot water heater will cause low water pressure, so these problems have to be inspected. Water heaters can be dangerous, so it’s best to leave these repairs to a plumbing professional as they will be able to complete them safely and correctly.

Clogged Aerator Screen

This is the mesh screen located at the end of your faucet and it controls water flow through several tiny holes. It helps with water conservation and water flow management, so it is important that this component is not clogged as that will affect your water flow. Inspect this screen and if you see that it is clogged, remove it and soak it in a hot water and vinegar solution to clear it up and if this does not help, you will have to look into a replacement.

Corroded Water Pipes

This is a serious problem that will require the skills of a professional. If this issue is not addressed, it can cause your pipes to burst, so you need to contact a plumber right away.

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